The Rambourg Foundation Prize for Contemporary Art

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Application deadline
International jury
The Rambourg Foundation has decided to postpone the final deadline for submission to the Rambourg Foundation prize for contemporary art. The deadline to submit applications has been extended from 15 July to 15 September. The full calendar for the 2020 Prize will be announced soon.
Molka Haj Salem
+216.71 781 467
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Created in 2015, this prize aimed to grant, every two years, an endowment of twenty thousand dinars to 6 young Tunisian artists to support them in the production of an innovative project in the arts and culture. The first two editions (2016 and 2018) have rewarded twelve young artists in various artistic disciplines

For its third edition, the Rambourg Foundation Prize is renewed. The work of the Rambourg Foundation in the field of culture made it possible to take into consideration the different needs of the artists and the cultural sector in Tunisia and that is why a reform was imposed on this Prize. Since the field of Contemporary Art is in great expansion in Tunisia, it therefore require a real structuring. Thereupon, The Rambourg Foundation  has decided to refocus the Prize on this artistic sector. The goal of this Prize is to provide the actors of this sector a regular artistic “meeting” and to offer them more visibility.
The third edition of the Rambourg Foundation Prize for Contemporary Art aims to support young emerging artists and acts, therefore, as an accelerator. There are no longer specific categories;  The projects which the candidates will submit must be related to the field of contemporary art. The Rambourg Foundation does not impose any delimitation on this field, leaving to each candidate the appreciation of what contemporary art is and to justify if necessary, in what
way their projects are connected to it.
The first Prize is an endowment of fifty thousand dinars and the second Prize is an endowment of twenty
thousand dinars. The winners will receive a tailored support for their project (in the creation, for example of a catalog or an exhibition, etc.). It will be granted to two artists who have been judged to be the most promising, interesting and innovative among the artists who have applied for the Prize.
Registration will be open in January 2020.